Are you getting ready for the wedding? This is the most simple bun that exists, and it looks ingenious!


French bun looks so elegant and alluring, but unfortunately, it is not so easy to perfect. Hairdressers require years of experience and practice to perfect the creation of the most glamorous hairstyles such as the French bun. So it is no wonder that many do not even think of doing this hairstyle by themselves.

But if you are preparing for the wedding season or can’t wait to go out, now that there are no epidemiological restrictions, we have great news for you –the French bun can be made at home, even if you have no experience in making hairstyles, in just a few hand strokes.

This was proved to us by the American TikToker, who is hiding behind@emilymholland profile, and who shared with her many followers an ingenious trick for making this popular bun. In a video she posted on her profile, she explained step-by-step how to make a French bun at home, and the result is thrilling. The video began with the words “I will knock you off your feet with this trick for making a French bun” – and she fulfilled that promise!

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It took Emily only a minute to make the bun, and if you want to recreate this hairstyle, we suggest you watch the video a few times and then try it until it turns out flawlessly.

The first thing you need to do is tie your hair in a half ponytail in the middle of your head and lightly loosen the strands of hair at the root. Tie the ends of the hair with another rubber band. Then fold the resulting coat with your hair and put the ends inside, just as shown in the video. You will get a French bun that needs to be secured with hairpins, and the trick is, says Emily, not to separate the hairpins, but to pull them in the opposite direction from the bun, and then hide them in your hair.

Feel free to gently pull your hair out of the bun to gain volume. But if you plan to dance until the early hours, we suggest securing the bun with a little more hairspray.

This simple hairstyle is one of the favorites on TikTok, as confirmed by the figure of1.9 million views. Not only will it look just as good as from the salon, but you will save about 200kn that you can use way smarter.

The trick for the ingenious and super simple bun was recently discovered by Chris Appleton, a hairdresser of the rich and famous, including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. The famous hairdresser used a very similar method to make a bun on a model, and the whole process of making it takes only one minute, as you can see in the video.




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